Awaken to a Life of Spiritual Richness and Meaning

Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui, a beacon of spiritual enlightenment with more than 36 years of guiding souls, sheds light on the path to a spiritually rich and meaningful life. Having nurtured thousands in their spiritual endeavors, Rabbi Ezagui is recognized and respected as one of the most influential spiritual leaders in the United States.

Your Spiritual Leader

Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui is your guide on a transformative journey. Combining profound insights from Jewish Law and spirituality with personal experiences to guide individuals towards joy and fulfillment, his mission is powered by a deeply-held belief in everyone's potential to embrace a more joyful existence.

Rabbi Ezagui is more than a spiritual leader. He's a mentor and guide who comprehends life's challenges and aims to help you overcome them. With an enduring passion for aiding others in their spiritual growth, Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui remains unwavering in his commitment to impart the highest level of insightful teachings and spiritual mentorship.

Rabbi Ezagui has authored two books: Maimonides Advice for the 21st Century and A Spiritual Soul Book, and is now working on a third book, Physics of the Mystics. Additionally, Rabbi Ezagui regularly contributes to his blog on the Times of Israel.

Hear from others who have been transformed by Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui's teaching

Richard Kradin, M.D

Harvard Medical School Massachusetts General Hospital

Director of Pulmonary Immunology and Molecular Biology

MGH Center for Psychoanalysis 

Professor Harvard Medical School

I have known Rabbi Ezagui for several years. He is endowed with a keen intellect, psychological acuity, and broad knowledge of many topics that extend beyond the confines of religion. With a specific focus in the areas of nexus between modern physics and Kabbalah, his life's work has been devoted to sharing these ideas with others with genuine concern and compassion. I can recommend Rabbi Ezagui, with no compunctions, for virtually any enterprise to which he chooses to devote himself

Gary Walk, Esq

Graduated from Yale University, B.A., summa cum laude, 1974 Harvard University, J.D., 1977,

I have known Rabbi Ezagui for many years, and have been a student in his diverse and lively Talmud class for several years. To Reform students who want a deeper understanding of Judaism, he offers answers to basic questions without condescension, and to Orthodox students, he provides affirmation and adds to their knowledge. He combines his extensive knowledge of Jewish law, history and spirituality with a rare ability to encounter every student in a way that is personal to him

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